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Would you like to learn how to play chess? Do you believe that chess is too hard to learn?

What about math? Do you believe that mathematics is either irrelevant or too difficult?

My name is Dr. Darrin Berkley, and I would like to share my mathematics and chess experiences with you. I'm a professor of mathematics and an expert-level chess player.

Both mathematics and chess require time and energy. If you want to succeed in mathematics and chess, it's important to see the value in learning them.

Other than the mathematics itself (which some argue that you'll never use in real life beyond basic math), what can you learn in a mathematics course?



When you pass a math course, you’ll take these skills with you:

First, you learn to persevere. It’s often very easy to give up. But it’s a great message for others to see that you didn’t give up when the odds were against you.

Second, you learn to pay attention to details. We have all done that mathematics problem that was incorrect as a result of a decimal point or a negative sign.

Third, your patience is tested. Math doesn’t always come easy. We may need a lot of practice to master a concept. But once you have mastered that concept, it’s with you for life!

Fourth, you’ll realize the value of learning mathematics. Math is all around you — that’s why you can’t get a degree without an average mathematical base.


As for chess, it’s been given a bad rap.

Chess is not hard as people claim. It’s true, it’s not as simple as checkers. But keep in mind that chess is most popular in elementary school!

Chess can improve many skills such as memory, decision-making, patience, teamwork, planning, and most importantly — mathematics.

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— Dr. Darrin Berkley, Ed.D.
Mathematics Success, Outreach, and Retention (SOAR) Coordinator


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