About Darrin Berkley

Dr. Darrin Berkley is a Mathematics Success, Outreach, and Retention (SOAR) Coordinator at Frederick Community College.

Previously a professor of mathematics at Howard Community College in Columbia, Md., he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Colgate University, a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Millersville University, and a Doctorate in Mathematics Education from Morgan State University.

Darrin also has a graduate certificate in academic advising. He has worked with a diverse group of students to help them make decisions about college and future employment. He allows students to analyze and to understand the consequences behind their decisions. He shares the importance of getting students to invest time in their own decision-making process, which will maximize their accountability.

Darrin listens for the student’s voice by incorporating journal writing. Consequently, he reads hundreds of papers per year addressing many of the concerns students have in mathematics education.

He has also given a number of presentations in the field of mathematics education. Through tutoring and counseling, he has gained multiple perspectives on mathematics from students of all ages.

Darrin is an expert level chess player with the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) and currently ranks in the top 5% of chess players in the United States. He has been playing chess competitively for over 25 years.

At Howard Community College, Darrin served as the chess club advisor. He’s always willing to talk with students on how to cope with losing in chess — and the perseverance necessary to be successful.

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