Math Consulting

consulting Darrin Berkley uses his more than 25 years of mathematics expertise to teach and counsel students.

Do you need to pass a single mathematics course? Do you have children who struggle in mathematics, but excel in other subjects? Do you think mathematics is just too hard?

There may be “non-academic” reasons for a lack of success in mathematics. I have read thousands of papers during my teaching career in which I ask students to explain why they are not successful in mathematics. During these counseling sessions, a plan will be developed with concrete steps to follow for improvement.

Check out this list and consider making an appointment to talk about these issues:
(1) time management
(2) attitude towards mathematics
(3) not completing required assignments
(4) asking questions in class (or getting outside help)
(5) staying focused
(6) memorizing instead of understanding
(7) poor mathematics foundation
(8) transportation
(9) not having the required materials for the course
(10) communication with instructor/teacher regarding instruction and expectations

Tutoring takes place online through Zoom or Skype. Rates vary on an individual basis.

Some students may just need a little counseling, while others may need intensive SAT prep help. Whatever your need, click the button below  to schedule your tutoring appointment.

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To understand the mathematics content in a specific course, you must have a strong understanding of the prerequisite material. This can make mathematics courses more challenging.

For example, a 10th grade Algebra II course requires an understanding of Algebra I from 8th grade. Well, what happens if you don’t remember what you learned in Algebra I?

The foundation needs strengthening — especially in upper-level math courses — and I’m happy to help!

Dr. Berkley provides tutoring in many mathematics courses such as:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Elementary School Mathematics for Teachers
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Developmental Mathematics
  • Trigonometry
  • SAT Prep

Other courses by request.

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